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Sometimes you just want a beer

Right now my husband is away and without him here to help I can’t quite justify opening the bottle of Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc I have in the fridge. I also need a little wine break after the tasting on Saturday. Instead, in the name of open-mindedness in wine tasting, I’m going to attempt to conduct a tasting of my favorite beer in the world, La Fin Du Monde (pun intended). It is a triple golden ale with 9% alcohol. Usually you see it in a huge bottle, but they sell four-packs of regular-sized bottles too. From my brief research, it looks like tasting a beer is similar to tasting a wine, just with very different results. I’m going to stick to my look, smell, taste formula.

Fin Du Monde

Very light golden. No legs (oh right, it’s beer… kind of weird to think that wine is thicker than beer, but that’s kind of true, right?). Very carbonated. It has a thin “head” when poured.

Lemony, really not very beer-like.

Slightly bitter, strong. Oddly heavy and light at the same time. It is complex, with a slightly spicy taste. It is refreshing but a little yeasty which is interesting.

dinnerBeer and pasta with scallops! Can’t go wrong.

It’s amazing how different tasting beer is. It’s harder for me, but maybe because I am not in practice. A lot of tasting has to do with learning the vocabulary and the different tastes. If you say to someone, “tell me what you taste?” it’s a lot easier to identify if you give options.


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