What Wine to Drink with Potato Leek Soup

Once I read an article in a magazine that said, basically, traditional wine pairings are crap. I probably wasn’t even old enough to drink when I read that, but it has always stuck with me as an excuse to not learn about wine pairings. Well, folks, today all that changed. Our friends Eric and Simona kindly invited poor starving me (the husband is still away visiting him family in Ukraine and apparently my reaction to him being gone is to stop cooking and subsequently stop eating. I’m basically living off oranges at this point) over for a potato leek soup dinner party.  I brought wine.

Rodney Strong

Rodney Strong

I did a lot of searching about wine pairings and what to drink with what foods and decided on a Sauvignon Blanc, something nice and light, for potato leek soup. I just so happened to have a 2011 Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge, so I brought that since it fit the bill. And I love me some Rodney Strong, as I’ve mentioned before.

Eric with the soup

Eric with the soup

Oddly enough, since I seem to spend quite a bit of time thinking about wine, this was the first time I’d really thought much about pairings. The fruity, crisp and very light wine went well with the muted flavors of the soup and, in fact, actually seemed to bring out flavors. I found myself tasting the soup as if it was wine. Deliberate wine tasting forces you to slow down and savor and think about what you’re putting in your mouth. It’s a lesson that should be applied to eating in general. Savor, people, savor.

Eric said, “The soup brought out a world of florals & fruits in contrast.” and I think that’s a fair assessment. My lessons: A light soup goes well with a light wine and it’s important to consider acidity in both the food and wine when choosing a compliment for a dish.

Wine and Soup

Want some quick pairing help? This website is kind of fun to play around with.

Cheers! And thanks to Eric and Simona for feeding me!



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