Rainy Saturday Wine Movie Review

One of my favorite relatives (hi Arlyn!) emailed me the other day with a wine-related movie suggestion: Bottle Shock. We decided to take her recommendation, the perfect  pastime for a rainy-Saturday. Fortunately, Netflix on demand had the movie. We actually have a lovely movie rental place across the street, but once you’re used to Netflix prices (free when you’re still “borrowing” Netflix from your parents…) paying $7.00 for a movie is a little painful. You could buy almost 1/7th of a bottle of a Chateau Montelena 2010 Chardonnay.

Bottle ShockThe movie was, in a word, fantastic. Usually Alex and I can’t agree on movies. Heck, we can’t even agree on movie GENRES. When I told him the movie was a drama based on a real life story of the California Wine Industry he was skeptical, but played along like a trooper and loved it from the first scene of Sonoma vines.

Basically this is what happens (I won’t give away the ending, even though it’s not the biggest surprise in the world):

There’s this British wine-lover who has a wine shop in France that is filled mostly with French wines because French wines are the best. Obviously. But then he decides to do this big blind tasting between American and French wines to see which country’s wines are better (obviously the French ones will be). He travels to Sonoma to taste and choose some wines to be included in the tasting. In Sonoma the focus is on the drama surrounding the Chateau Montelena winery, their debt (will they survive another year?) and the relationships there. You see early on that the California winery owners are seen, and to an extent see themselves, as unsophisticated. But is there wine good enough to rival the French? Whose wine will be chosen to participate in the wine tasting? Watch and see!

The Tasting

The Tasting (screen shot)

In conclusion, I want to try a Chateau Montelena Chardonay and something by Gustavo Thrace. Also, watch Bottle Shock. Now.




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