Wine Tasting: Election Edition

Politics are big in my family and I’m always a little sad to not be in New Hampshire around election time. My mom was a State Representative for 6 long years and I was by her side for most of it. In fact, I was the one who, as an idealistic little college girl, convinced her to run, and subsequently ran, her first campaign. She won by three votes in a recount her first term and it was a huge deal. At least for me.

Claudia Chase

There we are with our bright pink signs and carnations. It was probably the girliest campaign ever.

Anyway, my mom and I decided to do an online, pre-debate wine tasting, to really oil up our sassy Twitter commentaries. Her (our) friend Vicki was over and participated, too!

I wanted to taste a Rodney Strong because that’s my favorite winery ever for two reasons. 1) A glass of Rodney Strong Chardonnay was my first legal drink ever and 2) They make a really nice wine. Mom chose a 2009 Cabernet Sauvignon but when I sent Alex to the store to get me a bottle, he said it was $37.00 and wasn’t about to pay that. My guess is he found a reserve bottle, since this wine should be under $20.00.

Turning 21

I even have a picture of me pouring myself a glass on my 21st birthday.

2009 Rodney Strong Cabernet Sauvignon

Skype Tasting with Claudia and Vicki

Claudia and Vicki

Claudia and Vicki Skype-Tasting


“Very deep, deep, deep claret. Crimson.” -Vicki

“Very pretty. It has no legs” -Claudia

“I’ve had about one glass of wine in 6 years” -Vicki


“Acidic, fruity, a little peppery” -Claudia

“Fruity but a little acidic” -Rick (who joined in later)

Rick tasting

Rick looks skeptical


“Full-bodied. Vanilla. It’s delicious. It melts away, very smooth. Not a deep complexity, fruity.” -Vicki

“It had an acidic smell and not an acidic taste. Nice aftertaste, very pleasant wine, rather inexpensive. I’d definitely buy it again. It is an affordable wine that masquerades as amore expensive wine.  It doesn’t have any of that weird acidic taste that it smelled like it would.” -Claudia

It smells fruity and acidic and tastes deep. Comes right to the back of your throat. It’s very cool. It reminds me of cherries.”-Rick


“For a fruity wine… 9.2” -Rick

“9” -Claudia

“8.5” -Vicki


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  1. How fun! Cute that you do this with your mama!

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