The Pragmatic Dilettante’s Guide to Wine

After the recent death of a friend and wine aficionado, I am partaking on a journey to take a deeper look into the complex world of tannins and vintages. On a budget and with the help of a few close friends, Vintage 1969 aims to be the “pragmatic dilettante’s guide to wine”. I will attempt to demystify the world of wine for all of you out there who have occasionally been embarrassed to admit that you really can’t taste that hint of blackberry.

The blog will focus on my experiences as well as the learning process, with a knowledge base built organically and through stories. A post may be about a night with friends and a few nice bottles, a trip to a vineyard, an interview with an expert, a tasting down the street or simply a story about wine.

It is my hope to not only find solace in this exercise, but to spread the joy of wine that was the passion of a truly wonderful man.


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